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Authority certification company GL DNV issuedFSSC22000 certificate and the certificate of ISO9001 certification

Globally recognized FSSC22000 food safety system and ISO9001 management system certificate
Products successfully passed the strictest test by SGS and CCIC and in compliance with EU
regulation, US FDA and Chinese food grade standards. They are suitable for direct contact with food.

Paper sticks are made of FSC-certified natural wood fiber. They are completely biodegradable and will
cause no damage to our environment.

Compared with wooden sticks, rigidity is comparable but without splinters and far better mould resistance.
Compared with plastic sticks, it has satisfactory flexibility with higher rigidity. Paper sticks are made of natural wood fibre and are safer.

CP Australia introduced the most advanced technology, machinery and management expertise to China,creating a wholly foreign-owned manufacturer of paper sticks

What Morlyne Corporation brought to the market is not only the most advanced fully-automated production lines but also standardized management and excellent quality assurance.

Paper sticks manufactured by Morlyne Corporation are rigid and flexible. Morlyne Corporation’s high-standard of quality control and high-performance machinery, ensures paper sticks are manufactured to extremely close tolerances giving consistency in length and diameter.

From the first production process to final packaging,all steps are monitored and conducted in our ISO class 8 clean rooms.

Morlyne Corporation is the first paper stick manufacturer to perform all production processes
within ISO Class 8 cleanroom worldwide

This ensures superb product quality, efficient management of production processes, and
a higher safety standard of all products.

The quality of raw materials has a direct impact on the quality of finished products. Morlyne Corporation only signs long term contracts with proven suppliers of high caliber for all raw materials used in production.

Sustainable supply chain gives us stable and high quality raw material which assists Morlyne’s clients in managing procurement costs due to stable pricing.

Morlyne Corporation uses only raw materials that do not contain Chlorine agents and are OBA free.

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In the last decade the Asian pacific region, China in particular, has been the driving force of the global market demand. CP Australia has taken up as its main aim, the challenge to meet the growing global market demand. In 2008 CP Australia introduced the advanced technology, machinery and management expertise to China, and built the production base—Morlyne Corporation which is located in Nantong City about 90-minute drive from Shanghai. Morlyne Corporation is proudly wholly owned by CP Australia with a total registered capital of 5 million US Dollars. Morlyne Corporation occupies a total area of 11,000 square meters.. . .. . .【See more】

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